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Transport safety

Sustainable and safe operations and development of transport industry is the country’s strategically important objective. It is transport as one of the main infrastructure sectors that is of great importance for the attainment of social and economic objectives; it provides a basis for the development of common economic space, unobstructed movement of goods and services, serves as a guarantee for promotion of competition, and therefore assists the improvement of the society standard of living.

But being the base of a full-scale economic development of the country, transport is a source of increased risk. Therefore in the process of transport industry development particular attention is paid to safety as a fundamental condition for the attainment of its efficient performance.

Thus the following has been recognized as some of the principal tasks of transport industry safety provision at the country level for the purposes of statutory regulation:

  • Identification of threats of acts of unlawful interference;
  • Vulnerability assessment of transport infrastructure objects and transport facilities;
  • Categorization of transport infrastructure objects and transport facilities;
  • Certification of technical means for transport safety provision
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