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In the current heavy competitive environment success of any company requires initiative and competent personnel, motivated for active professional activity, systematic search of something new and work performance quality improvement. In implementation of new management standards at the enterprises key success factor is the system of training, selection and allocation of competent experts, formation and development of their motivation for responsible and efficient activity.

To satisfy the needs of Your organization in the increase of personnel competence level, formation of innovative thinking among experts of multiple types and implementation of “continuous education” system at Your enterprise, we offer You to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities provided by Russian Register Academy.

Russian Register Academy provides the organizations with unique opportunities for an exchange of opinions and experience, discussion of acute issues related to international standards implementation into management practice of the organization, organization management practice, receipt of the most relevant information on perspectives for standards development, best world practices and approaches in management system implementation at the enterprises, development and application of innovative managerial approaches.

All participants of Russian Register Academy make their contribution into the design of education programs, development of case studies, new education forms and methods.

Training centers approved by Russian Register are full members of Russian Register Academy. “TC “Russian Register – Baltic Inspectorate” ANCEE and “TC “REGCON” NSEE have a license to conduct educational activities, as well as certificate of competence recognition by leading international and Russian organizations. Training center “ASI – Russian Register training center” PEI AVE is a unique in Russia training and attestation center for Covering Inspectors, whose qualification level is equivalent to NACE (USA) and FROSIO (Norway). “Plexus-Eurasia” PEI AVE represents globally accredited, recognized by international industry education programs.

A professional team of experts-professors, working in Russian Register Academy, having a long experience of working with management systems in various industry areas, is pleased to introduce for Your consideration the most up-to-date, useful and interesting education.

Subject plan of our arrangements introduces a wide range of education programs on the most up-to-date and modern trends of management development and the use of innovative instruments of business development; and a series of open informative-practical seminars will help Your enterprise’s experts promptly receive information on the latest tendencies in respect of management systems standards. Also great attention is paid to training of experts in various areas of industry with the use of “individual schemes” for staff education and training.

Education programs brought to Your attention are approved by Russian Register which ensures a high level and quality of education proposed to You. In addition, Your company experts have a unique opportunity to undergo further certification in Russian Register personnel certification system.

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