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Military register

Military Register is a voluntary certification system in defense industry complex (DIC). Due to this system, established by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation itself, enterprises of defense industry complex can confirm conformity of its products to the requirements of national standards and normative documents. In Military Register system not only military products quality and safety assessment is conducted, but also quality management systems of defense industry complex enterprises, environment management system and occupational health and safety are certified. Military products, certified within the frameworks of Military Register include for instance military machines and its constituent parts, ammunition, weapons, administrative and double-purpose products, manufactured by enterprises-participants of State Defense Procurement and Acquisition, etc. Assessment of products or management systems of defense industry complex enterprises’ conformity is conducted by qualified experts of Certification Bodies, accredited in Military Register voluntary certification system.

Military Register voluntary certification system is focused on quality enhancement of military products, manufactured by Russian enterprises of defense industry complex, and on provision of its recognition both in Russia and abroad. National enterprises of military sector can confirm its products quality or management systems conformity to the requirements of national and international standards.


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