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Business continuity management

Under the conditions of a modern-day world, ability to function sustainably and fulfill contractual obligations in emergency and crisis situations is becoming one of the requirements for business operations. The need for business continuity is particularly pressing for organizations acting under the conditions of increased risks, e.g., in manufacturing companies locating its manufacturing operations in different regions, in state sector, in financial sector, etc. According to research carried out by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI, Great Britain) in 84 countries worldwide, 77% of organizations are “concerned” or “gravely concerned” about unplanned failures in respect of telecommunications and information support, and 73% are worried about the threat of information leak.

Sustainable activities of an organization in emergency and complex situations are possible subject to availability of business continuity management system, which allows minimizing the risks of failures in the organization’s operational process and reducing costs in case failures occur. In this case financial losses, which an organization unprepared for force-majeure circumstances can suffer, exceed manifold business continuity management system development and maintenance costs, which makes this direction for company development one of the most necessary

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