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Forest certification

FSC — Forest Stewardship Council®, is an international non-for-profit organization the main aim of which is to facilitate environmentally responsible, socially focused and economically viable management of forests and world’s forest resources.

Currently FSC is the most dynamically developing certification system in the world. It continuously interacts with all its stakeholders by tracking market changes and communicates the importance of sustainable management of the world’s forests and maintaining of their environmental functions through preservation of the most valuable forest areas to the customers.

Availability of an FSC certificate confirms that products, both timber and non-timber, come from forests in which forest management is performed in accordance with FSC principles and criteria. And an organization which holds such a certificate performs environmentally, economically and socially responsible activities.

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Thus forest certification along with maintenance of natural resources and preservation of their environmental functions implies long-term economically beneficial production which considers interests of its workers and all stakeholders. A certificate is means ensuring responsible attitude towards use of forest resources and through this – preservation of forest ecosystems worldwide.

Certification association «Russian Register»:

Is an international FSC member since 2014.
Is a member of FSC Russia since 2012.
Accreditation for FSC chain of custody certification worldwide and FSC forest management certification in Russia and CIS countries.

Certification in Russian Register:

  • Is an international FSC member since 2014,
  • Is a member of FSC Russia since 2012,
  • Accreditation for FSC chain of custody certification worldwide and FSC forest management certification in Russia and CIS countries.

Tree main types of certification:

Benefits of FSC certification :

After receiving a certificate a company may gain real significant benefits:

  • Enter international environmentally-sensitive markets of Europe, America and Asia with certified products and receive recognition;
  • Increase investment appeal of the business and promote capitalization of the enterprise itself;
  • Improve enterprise’s image at local and regional level;
  • Ability to use FSC trademark Use of FSC trademark, demonstrating that this products are obtained as a result of legal and responsible forest management;
  • More advantageous pricing policy in case of long-term contracts on supply of FSC certified products;
  • Access to a convenient and efficient instrument for search of FSC certified products FSC Marketplace FSC Marketplace worldwide.
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