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Knowledge of the professional education sphere is extremely significant for economy of every country. Development of trade and economic, investment and scientific technical potential of a country is impossible without the principle resource element – highly professional personnel. Due to this one of key fields of activity of Russian Register is independent assessment of education quality assurance performed in accordance with the Russian Federation Law and with consideration of the international experience.

Many higher and secondary special education institutions of the country have a long history, culture, traditions and educational technologies that had been formed for decades which allow them today to offer graduates whose competencies excel foreign experts to the labor market. Modern trends of education and labor market development set the requirements to educational organizations for improvement of professional education quality and accessibility. Under the conditions of growing level of control and requirements for educational organizations by the government, labor market and customers, demographic drop organizations of educational sector constantly have to prove their advantages.

The Russian legislation in the scope of education predetermines trends in assessment of education quality – professional public accreditation of education programmes and public accreditation of educational organizations.

Russian Register offers services on assessment of education quality conformity both on the institutional and programme levels to the requirements of international management system standards, European standards and recommendations on education quality assurance ENQA, legal requirements in the scope of education quality assurance.

Russian Register offers educational organizations services in the scope of independent expert assessment of education quality:

Due to correlation of ISO 9001 requirement for quality management systems with requirements of European standards and recommendations for internal assurance of education quality ENQA, Russian Register can perform the combined procedure of education quality assessment.

The combined procedure for certification of a quality management system and professional public accreditation of education programmes in Russian Register will allow educational organizations to reduce expenses (personnel, time, finance) on expert assessment and receive the following documents:

  • Certificate of quality management system conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001;
  • Certificate of professional public accreditation for the applicable main professional education programmes.

Detailed information with proposals of Russian Register services for educational organizations on independent assessment of education quality can be found on the website of Certification association “Russian Register” in the following sectors:

Benefits for educational organizations:

  • Improved image of educational organizations on the market of education and scientific research services.
  • Improved competitiveness of educational organizations and main operated educational programmes on the market of educational services
  • Stronger assurance of quality and improved quality of education results.
  • Acknowledgement of conformity of graduates’ training level and conditions for implementation of education programmes to modern demands of the labor market by the professional community and employers
  • Use of independent education quality expert assessment results when undergoing the procedure of state accreditation, and accreditation procedures in other agencies.
  • Development of competencies in the scope of education quality assurance among employees of education organizations.
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