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Certification of training courses

Any training center, which prepares quality management systems, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management systems internal and external auditors, quality managers, can undergo a procedure of provider and certified training courses approval in Russian Register. Thus conformity of training programs to personnel certification world’s best practices is assured. Attendees, who successfully completed these training courses in the future, will get an opportunity to certify their competence in Russian Register and receive International Personnel Certification Association (IPC) membership certificate.

Certification rules, developed by Russian Register, are unified with International Personnel Certification Association (IPC) documents and include international practice of personnel and training course certification.

Benefits of certification for training center

  • Increase of training courses quality;
  • Increase of customer satisfaction;
  • Opportunity to receive an independent assessment of course management system


  • Promotion of training center image;
  • Achievement of competitive advantage;
  • Use of certification marks in advertizing materials;
  • Opportunity to allocate Russian Register certification marks on certificates;
  • Reduction of nonmanufacturing costs.
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