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Inspection, expertise and certification on transport

Expert decisions for quality improvement of transport services

Knowledge of customer needs and high quality standards of service allow our organization to maintain its leadership position in the market of expertise to ensure the effectiveness and monitoring of multimodal cargo transportation.

“Transport properties” must be taken in consideration in the determination of the mode of cargo handling Each cargo depending on its classification possesses unique physical and chemical properties, volume and mass properties, hazard level, i.e. characteristics, determining transportation specifications. The method of transportation is selected also in conjunction with the type of packaging. Cargo transportation characteristics determine the cost of transport services, modes of transportation, handling and storage, form requirements for transport and technical facilities necessary to carry out these operations.

Certification association “Russian Register” provides expert services on:

  • cargo certification for determination of its transport properties;
  • development of transport documents for hazardous cargos, material safety data sheets, bulk cargo sampling procedure, reports on inspections, conclusions and certificates on different transport subjects;
  • on cargo inspection control, monitoring of transport and technical devices in the supply chain;
  • organizes laboratory research and tests.

Our competence – Your competetive position.

Our competence:

  • qualified personnel;
  • ROSTRANSNADZOR (RF Ministry of Transportation), ROSACCREDITATION accreditation;
  • membership in GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association) and CTM CIS (The Coordinating Transport Meeting of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States);
  • wide network of branch-offices and representative offices.

Your competitive advantage:

  • gaining assurance in meeting international and national requirements in respect of transportation;
  • receipt of reliable information on cargo (products) transport characteristics at the stage of going out of production;
  • gaining assurance in delivery/receipt of goods of contractual quality;
  • gaining control over fulfillment of contractual conditions by contractors;
  • establishment of cargo transportation facts and the cause of damage, determination of the nature and degree of damage.

Services are rendered at reasonable prices, tariffs may be optimized and adjusted for a long-term contract to perform large volumes of work.

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