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Energy efficiency

Modern industrial enterprise cannot be energy wasteful. Competitive ability and energy efficiency are interrelated. Therefore energy efficiency improvement is one of top-priority tasks for any developing business. On the other hand, energy efficiency improvement is a multi-aspect challenging task, requiring complex technical investment and management solutions. It is impossible to achieve improvements just by means of declarations. It is necessary to apply proven technologies that achieve the results.

Technology of modern energy consumption management — energy management system (EnMS) — is currently considered to be the first required technology which shall be implemented at the enterprise. This relatively low-cost arrangement allows significantly increasing the benefit from implementation of pricier technical arrangements. An international community has adopted ISO 50001 standard “Energy management systems – Requirements for use”, which has been developed based on the best world practices of energy efficiency improvement.

Apart from economic advantages (according to studies carried out in the EU states and all over the world, implementation of the EMS allows cutting down enterprise’s energy consumption by 5-10% the first year upon its implementation), the implementation of the standard also leads to other important advantages, such as demonstrating interested parties commitment to sustainable development principles, protection from pollutant emissions, responsibility towards non-renewable resources

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