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API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2

General information

Industry-oriented standard API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2 includes, apart from requirements, outlined in ISO 9001:2008, specific requirements, related to oil and gas industry. Companies, that implemented this Specification, can demonstrate their clients, that they meet the latest industry requirements

API Q2 Standard – a new standard for management systems for services suppliers in oil and gas industry and repair contractors. APIQ2 requirements include (apart from international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements) specific oil and gas industry-related requirements.

Benefits from implementation and certification

  • following world practice of oil and gas sector enterprises;
  • competitive growth of the company at national and international levels;
  • confirmation of product and services quality and company competence;
  • promotion of the organization’s image;
  • demonstration of company advantages to partners, investors, clients;
  • opportunity to take part in governmental, municipal, commercial tenders and auctions on more favourable terms;
  • receipt of orders from foreign companies;
  • additional reason for banks and insurance companies in determination of credit and insurance size and conditions.

Why Russian Register?

Applying to Russian Register as exclusive official API representative in Russia, You shall obtain:

  • Full information support on all API certification programs;
  • Opportunity to conduct integrated audit in Russian Register, Gazpromcert and API systems,
  • Opportunity to reduce service costs through engagement of competent Russian-speaking auditors
  • Qualified assistance in experts’ training


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