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General information

Chain of Custody certification provides for assessment of enterprises engaged in processing, purchase or repurchase of certified and/or controlled wood. Chain of Custody control systems allow tracing each step of forest products processing from entry/purchase to its sale. An enterprise receives a certificate and right to use FSC™ trademark.

Certification against this scheme is conducted for conformity to FSC-STD-40-004 (v.2-1) Standard for Chain of Custody Certification.

When an enterprise plans to purchase and/or use controlled wood during production, audit is performed against FSC-STD-40-005 (v. 2-1) Standard for company evaluation of FSC controlled wood.

FSC Chain of Custody is an information trail about the path taken by products from the forest or, in the case of recycled materials, from the reclamation site to the consumer including each stage of processing, transformation, manufacturing, storage and distribution where progress to the next stage of the supply chain involves a change of ownership.

The standard is applicable to all Chain of   Custody operations in respect of trading,   processing or manufacturing wood based and non-timber forest products from virgin and/or reclaimed materials including harvesting, pre-processing or, in the case of  recycled materials, reclamation sites, primary and secondary manufacturing and sales, wholesale, retail, print services.

The certification requirements are divided into four parts:

  • Part I includes the universal requirements for Chain of Custody control which apply to all Chain of Custody operations;
  • Part II presents the three control systems for making FSC claims on outputs, out of which organizations have to choose one system for each established FSC product group;
  • Part III contains the requirements and thresholds for using the FSC on-product labels;
  • Part IV provides supplementary requirements addressing specific situations for Chain of Custody control systems.

Benefits from certification

  • Unhindered entry and recognition on all international markets. Opportunity to find new markets of certified products;
  • Priority in conclusion of long-term contracts for forest products supplies and more advantageous pricing policy;
  • Promotion of enterprise’s image and recognition at an international level;
  • Increase of capitalization level of an enterprise itself;
  • Ability to use a globally recognized FSC trademark, demonstrating that these products have been obtained as a result of legal and responsible forest use;
  • Opportunity to receive support of responsible forest use from governmental authorities of all levels and environmental organizations.

Why “Russian Register”?

Undergoing Chain of Custody certification in Russian Register you can obtain:

  • an International Certificate of Conformity to the requirements of FSC standards,
  • a wide range of courses and seminars,
  • Opportunity to undergo certification of integrated management system for conformity to the requirements of 2 or more standards,
  • Opportunity to use transfer procedure,
  • Opportunity to receive a complex service on management systems, productpersonnel certification,

and many more

Application forms

Declaration-application for certification of Chain of Custody and/or controlled wood

In filing-out of declaration-application please take a look at Rules for forest management and Chain of Custody certification.

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