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GOST RV 0015.002

General information

GOST RV 15.002 standard covers quality management systems of organizations, carrying out research, development, manufacture, delivery, provision of operation, repair and disposal of defense products under the order of government customers.

The standard determines requirements for structure of quality management system content at all the stages of defense products’ life-cycle, focused on assurance of defense products’ compliance with customers’ requirements and contractual specifications.

Benefits from implementation and certification

  • competitive growth through the development of management systems, taking into account specific character of the sector;
  • additional benefit in participation in tenders and statutory requirement in receipt of State Defense Procurement and Acquisition.

Why Russian Register?

Applying to Russian Register, You can obtain:

  • Certificate of conformity in Military Register and Oboroncertifika systems,
  • Opportunity to certify integrated management system for compliance with the requirements of 2 or more standards,
  • Opportunity to receive integrated service for management systems, products and personnel certification,
  • Opportunity to reduce service costs through engagement of qualified auditors from the nearest branch-office or representative office, located not only on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS, but also abroad,
  • Wide range of courses and seminars


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