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General information

International Railway Industry Standard, IRIS, was developed by the Association of the European Rail Industry (UNIFE) Working Group. The objective of the standard is the development of a business management system that provides continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention in the Supply Chain.

The IRIS certification process is based on a single-site certification approach, therefore a multi-site certification approach, as suggested by other certification processes, e.g. ISO 9001, is not applicable to the IRIS certification process.

The scope of the IRIS is the development and implementation of global business management system in rail sector, which includes.

International Railway Industry Standard, IRIS, with the requirements:

  • a special questionnaire;
  • International Railway Industry Standard, IRIS, with the requirements;
  • the level of maturity and a scoring system;
  • process of assessment with relevant rules, which shall be met by IRIS approved Certification Bodies;
  • a web-based IRIS Portal (database) and Audit-Tool (software);
  • audit records and audit results are stored in the database.

Benefits from implementation and certification

  • enhancement of customer satisfaction (“RZHD” JSC order № 1943р)
  • audit cost savings through availability in RR Russian-speaking IRIS approved auditors and opportunity to conduct joined audit of conformity to the requirements of several standards;
  • promotion of the image due to the fact that You enterprise will be among the first ones in Russia to have BMS certification for compliance with the requirements of International Railway Industry Standard, IRIS;
  • registration in RR Register and obtaining Certificate of Conformity to IRIS requirements with entry to the database of certified organizations at IRIS Portal (

Why Russian Register?

  • official IRIS approval № IRIS 11/09/15;
  • Russian-speaking professional auditors;
  • Cost savings through certification in one body;
  • Necessity to comply with information security procedures at many Russian manufacturing engineering enterprises;
  • recognition all over the world through IQNet;
  • work experience in railway industry (RZHD branch-offices, railway industry enterprises-suppliers.

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