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Review of appeals, complaints and disputes

Certification Association “Russian Register” conducts registration of stakeholders’ appeals, claims and disputes, which can be received in respect of certification process, decisions on certification, scale and/or scope of the certificate.

Persons, interested in obtaining certificate or certificate holders, persons, directly or indirectly interested in the Organization’s decisions on certification or in the process of its conduction; and persons, interested in aspirant’s and/or certificate holder’s operating or other activities can regulate conflicts, arising in their relations with Certification Body and/or aspirant and/or certificate holder.

Within two (2) weeks from the moment of claim or appeal receipt Certification Association “Russian Register” submits to complainant preliminary answer, which includes a summary of Certification Body’s prospective actions, which it plans to implement in response to claim or appeal. Within three (3) months from the moment of claim/complaint receipt RR informs complainants on the process of claim/appeal assessment, specifies provided arguments and states all the actions, taken in respect of claim/appeal.

If You would like to receive more detailed information on the procedure of claims and appeals processing, and potential conflicts of interests, determined by us or by You, please visit “Claims and appeals” subsection or send relevant request in the name of Director General of the Company.

You can also send request for provision of data on actions, taken by us for prevention of potential conflicts of interests.

We guarantee, that within 2 weeks after receipt of the request we will provide You with relevant comments and additional information.

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