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Chain of custody certification

Chain of custody system (CoC)

Certification of Chain of Custody (СoС) implies assessment of organizations conducting industrial production, processing and reprocessing, trade, printing services and deal with certified and/or non-certified (controlled) timber or non-timber forest products of virgin and/or reclaimed materials.

Certification of Chain of Custody allows tracing each stage of forest product processing from harvesting to its realization, confirm origin of timber from particular forest areas along the entire flow of timber materials and products from “forest” to a processing point (in case of using reclaimed materials) to the end consumer. Certification is conducted for conformity to FSC-STD-40-004.

Depending on the size, structure and type of legal entity there are three types of chain of custody certification using the additional standard FSC-STD-40-003:

  • Single FSC certification of chain of custody
    Is carried out for organizations with several operation or production sites and/or legal entities bound by common property or legal/contractual relationship. This model makes certification of organizations simpler and cheaper through centralized administering and internal control for the purpose of FSC certification.
  • Group FSC certification of chain of custody
    Intended for certification of small independent organizations which jointly may make it easier for themselves to obtain access to FSC certification by sharing costs and gaining benefits resulting from technical support and control arranged by a head office.

Assessement of FSC controlled wood

If an organization plans realization of FSC Controlled Wood category products (when receiving input raw materials/materials from both certified and non-certified suppliers), an organization shall meet the requirements of FSC-STD-40-005.

Use of reclaimed materials

If an organization uses non-certified reclaimed materials intended for use in certified FSC products, it is required additionally to meet the requirements of FSC-STD-40-007.

Project sertification

If it is required to certify separate facilities or buildings constructed or at a time repaired using FSC certified materials, project certification is applied within the framework of chain of custody certification. Projects may be buildings, concert stages, sailboats or house sub-divisions (staircases, floors etc.), in which FSC certified material/products and/or post-consumer reclaimed materials/products are used. Such certification is carried out for conformity to FSC-STD-40-006.

Certification requirements

FSC normative documents on chain of custody certification

Please see general recommendations, preparation procedure and FSC and RR requirements for the certification process described in “Rules of forest management and chain of custody certification”.

Application forms

Declaration-application for certification of chain of custody and /or controlled wood

Certification association “Russian register” is accredited for FSC certification of chain of custody worldwide.

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