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Application forms

If you want to decide on the price for certification and receive commercial proposal for further review, we offer you to fill out simplified form of declaration-application 8.2.0. Based on the information submitted there, Marketing Department will prepare an individual calculation of audit complexity and unique commercial proposal.

If you have already definitely decided to undergo certification in Russian Register, we ask you to fill out full form of declaration-application 8.2.1. This form is a document, which instigates certification process against any standards in Russian Register system. If you need a certificate in other systems, it is also required to fill out an application template in that system.

Declaration Request for educational institution

Please note that some standards require submitting to RR filled in questionnaire, which is an annex to declaration-application.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

ISO 27001

ISO 20000

ISO 22000

ISO 28000

ISO 13485

ISO 50001

AS 9100


FSC certification

Certification transfer

Certification transfer is defined as recognition of existing and legally valid management system certification provided to an accredited certification body (hereinafter referred as “transferring certification body”) by another accredited certification body (hereinafter RR) for RR to issue its certificates. Only the certifications covered by the IAF MLA accreditation are authorized for transfer.

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