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Protective Coating Inspectors Certification

Protective Coating Inspectors certification scheme provides for 3 certification levels:

  • Protective Coating Inspector level I (Inspector-in-training),
  • Protective Coating Inspector level II,
  • Protective Coating Inspector level III.

Protective Coating Inspectors certification scheme is designed for specialists working in the area of anticorrosion protection of metal and reinforced concrete structures and equipment, as well as for other persons involved in conduction of corrosion-preventive works; Heads or Leading Experts of enterprises, where surface protection is one of the priority tasks.

Certification rules and document forms

Certification stages
  1. Submission of application for certification.
    You are required to fill in application for certification, form a set of application documents and sent them to Russian Register Head Office.
  2. Payment of certification fee.
    Upon application review You are required to pay certification fee for initial certification.
  3. Demonstration of Your knowledge, skills and personal traits.
    For Protective Coating Inspectors there are determined requirements for personal traits, knowledge and skills, which an applicant shall demonstrate. To acquire necessary knowledge an applicant shall successfully complete a certified training course for Protective Coating Inspectors. Certification scheme provides for successful examination within the frameworks of competence assessment procedure.
  4. Issue of a certificate and certification card.
    Certificate and certification card will be sent via mail to the address, stated in application for certification.
  5. Renewing certification.
    You are required to provide evidence of compliance with recertification requirements each three/five years (depending on certification level).

Certification rules and document forms

Cost of certification

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